Feb 16, 2017

Holleman defies harsh winter season

Holleman Bulgaria, member to Cargo Equipment Experts (CEE) in Bulgaria, transported three main shafts from Romania to Germany.

The cargo having 2 x 88 MT and 1 x 67 MT was loaded in Bucharest, Romania and moved to the Port of Ruse, Bulgaria. From there the heavy pieces were transshipped by a floating crane onto a river vessel for further transport to the Bavarian port of Deggendorf where a second transshipment will happen. The transport will continue overland by special trucks to the Port of Bremerhaven and further to China and Australia.

Holleman Bulgaria faced a lot of challenges during this project, such as extremely short schedule for loading, preparing the Romanian transport projects for each trip, arranging police escort, ordering ice-breakers on the Danube considering closed navigation. But finally everything went well and Holleman’s client already ordered another main shaft transport.