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Cargo Equipment Experts membership helps your company obtain valuable contacts, partners and truly global visibility. Our marketing, advertising and online directory in addition to annual membership conferences help raise the profile of your business.

CEE increases awareness of the group’s services by:

  • advertising in trade magazines
  • issuing press releases highlighting members’ operations
  • publishing marketing material such as company brochures, periodical newsletters and Heavy Cargo News
  • participating in selected trade fairs and exhibitions
  • organising annual conferences with member-to-member functions and social events

For further information and to join CEE please contact us at or by filling this form:

Criteria for membership

  • Owners of heavy haulage and multi axle trailers and specialist engineering equipment
  • Asset based forwarders
  • Crane owners / operators
  • Rail equipment owners for heavy cargo
  • Stevedores
  • Tug and barge operators
  • Export packers
  • Port operators
  • Air Cargo handling equipment owners
  • Engineering services and special rigging and skidding equipment operators for heavy installations

Supporting industries:

  • Surveyors
  • Manufacturers
  • Air and Ocean carriers
  • Sponsors

We accept companies representing one or more CEE service categories for exclusive country or area membership. Multiple country membership is subject to the existing members’ consent within the same country. Please see our Terms and Conditions (pdf).