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Herczegh Specialtransport ZRt.

H-9985 Felsőszölnök, Hármashatárút 2, Hungary. Postal address: H-1119 Budapest, Thán Károly str. 3-5, Hungary

Tel: +36-1-205-88-00
Fax: +36-1-371-59-15
Email: hst@herczegh.hu

HST Limited, founded 1990 in Budapest, owns 20 trucks and 30 trailers.

– 5×3 axles Goldhofer-module with a 120 tons load vessel bed.
– 8×6 axles MAN trucks: Scheuerle Eurocombi modules – all together in a combination of 5+15 axles.
– a new 120 tons low vessel bed, specialised for transporting large and high transformers on road directly to ports.
– With the truck- and bedfleet the vast majority of European freight tasks can be fulfilled with the expandable mega- (2, 3 axles truck + 3, 4 axles trailers combination), and / or the lower-height semi-trailers (3 axles truck+4 axles trailers combination) and double expandable semi-trailer (4 axles truck+6 axles trailers combination). Goods can be transported on the 50 cm low bridges (3, 4 axles truck + 3 axles trailers combination) – so called „vessel bed” and „excavator bed” in combination with 4+2+4 axles. For the biggest size of goods to be delivered the Scheuerle-module with 15 axles in various combinations can be offered to the customers.


Mr. Béla Herczegh, Managing Director
Mr. Viktor Huszár, Transport Manager. Mobile: +36-30-970-51-38
Mr. Gábor Csonka, Sales Manager. Mobile: +36-30-600-12-00

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To: hst@herczegh.hu

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