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Azov Seaport is the south gate of Russia, because of via it, from the side of Mediterranean – Black Sea basin, cargo is being transported to the Russia inner water system with exit into Caspian, Volga river and via Volga – Baltic Channel to the Baltic and White Sea. Through railway link the port is connected with all regions of Russia and states of CIS.

Azov Seaport enters into 2-nd International Transport Corridor, one of the most essential connective unit among  Russia, Europe and states of Central Asia. Port also is situated on the line of 9th Transmodal Corridor (St-Petersburg – Moscow – Astrakhan – Rostov-on-Don – Azov) with enter into Azov, Black and Mediterranean Sea, as well as via river Danube to the  European countries.

Azov Seaport offers cargo handling and storage services. The port has international status and its own custom, frontier, quarantine and sanitary-hygienic services. The port works mostly with “river-sea” type vessels. The depth of access channel is  4 meters. The shipping season is all-year-round.

The loading complex of the Azov port includes a number of berths, specialized on handling of metal products, scrap, wood, grain, ore, coal, fertilizers, mineral-building materials, containers, out of gauge and heavy cargoes. The port has the license to work with IMO cargo.

The corporative strategy of LLC Azov Seaport is to offer to its customers the handling services of high quality.



Mr. Alexander Shishakov
Tel: +7 499 246 24 12
Email: saa@s-azov.com

Mr. Egor Sinebok
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Email: esinebok@gmail.com


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