Jan 16, 2015

Ekin moves Heavies from Turkey to France

Ekin Heavy and Project Cargo Transportation CO., member to the Cargo Equipment Experts CEE, in Turkey, has brought a notable shipment from Turkey to France to a successful conclusion.

The shipment included twenty two pieces between the weights of 16274 – 33671 kg.

Some of the dimensions are as follows:

1 pc – 4850 x 4500 x 1000 mm / 33,671 kg
4 pcs – 4600 x 4500 x 3800 mm / 20,497 kg
4 pcs – 5200 x 4900 x 3600 mm / 19,261 kg

These pieces were picked up from the loading address in Ankara, Turkey. Afterwards, these loads were safely transported overland using Ekin’s own vehicles.

Ekin was also responsible with all of the necessary procedures including lashing, transportation, permit and escort.


DSC00362x DSC00357x DSC00361x