Mar 27, 2018

Heavy asset investment by CEE member in Germany

Kübler Spedition, member to the Cargo Equipment Experts (CEE) network in Germany:
The next milestone in heavy cargo logistics has been reached.

It is not just a political demand to relocate more goods from road to rail and ship. Especially in heavy cargo logistics, this step is often regarded as the last solution due to the increasingly declining road infrastructure and the ever-increasing regulatory restrictions. The supreme discipline would be if the multimodal transport was also the cheapest and most comfortable way.

This is exactly why Kübler Spedition invested in the “Schwergutzentrum Mannheim”.

The company already is an expert for heavy loads transports cargo of any kind up to more than 1,000 ton with road vehicles and railway carriages. The Mannheim location is the ideal hub between the transport modes “road”, “rail” and “water”.

Not only in the upper weight class, but also in everyday heavy items, such as those used in the construction of wind turbines, proves increasingly that the combination of different modes of transport is the best choice.

Kübler operates several handling facilities in the Mannheim “Rheinauhafen”. On a 10 hectare open area, a mobile harbour crane with a capacity of 104 ton and a reach stacker with 45 ton capacity manage the free warehouse. In various halls, the cargo can also be stored or processed weather protected. Here are available overhead cranes up to 500 ton lifting capacity, heavy duty roller, load-bearing machine floor and even a special bearing for transformers.

A Topping-out ceremony was recently celebrated on the latest project: A modern multi-purpose hall with a 500 ton carrying bridge crane which will be handed over in the summer of 2018. In special load, even up to 625 ton pieces can be moved. Apart from trimodal transhipments between all modes of transport, assembly sites, storage areas and packaging options can be used at this facility. Required social rooms and offices for external staff are available as well.

For the flows of heavy and / or oversized cargo, Mannheim will provide an indispensable link between the modes of transport and a link to the deep sea ports.

All the advantages of rail transports, ship transports and road pre- and after-runs can be combined here and assembly and packaging work at this interface can be perfomed.

Kübler relies on its own fleet of road vehicles and railway carriages for all tasks. Furthermore, from the port of Mannheim, regular shipping lanes are operated in cooperation with several shipping companies. The Kübler project forwarding service is available to customers at Kübler for worldwide onward transport and even for aircraft charters. Together with the parent company, all projects are offered and handled from a single source.

Picture on top: The mighty outriggers are not yet installed over the harbour basin. For July 2018, however, the first heavy-lift lifts are already planned in the Schwergutzentrum Mannheim.

In addition to the 500-tonne heavy goods center (center of the picture), further transshipment halls (right), warehouses (left) and open spaces (background) form a powerful and flexible harbor concept.